About Us

Caliber Technology is an established software development company for 20 years.
Here is a brief history of the projects we had built through the years progressing with technology of the time.
In the Year 1998, when the norm was IVR we develop a full IVR (Interactive Voice Responds) system that was launch by JP Tech for mobile phone Ringtone, Picture messages, Song dedication, Voting and supported Media Corp. teletext system. A dating service was also launched by People's Association (PA) for their social development service for all single members only.
JP Tech was one of the biggest IVR operator in Singapore during that era.
In the year 2013, when Blockchain was virtually unnoticed of, Caliber had started marching into this arena and has not look back. Soon after crypto Wallet on eco friendly Proof Of Stake (POS) blockchain which integrated with prepaid Master Card was developed.
3 years later Caliber was awarded to develop a full Fintech eco-system using POS blockchain for a 20 Years remittance company 'Allbest Exchange' with a grant from iSprint of S$195,000/=
Caliber is currently working with affiliated company Wise MPay to develop and launch a new Encrypted Blockchain Mailing Address (eBmA) system as an enterprise chain sittng on a Main chain called 'Coalculus' for South East Asia market.

Software Solution

Step  1

Download App

Download Smart Wallet and Smart Merchant application from Playstore and launch the App.

s-wallet             M-wallet

   Smart Wallet       Smart Merchant


Step  2

Login to POS system

Head over to Demo POS System!

Login in with the username and password below:

Username: demo@caliber.com.sg
Password: demo1234

Make a simple transaction and select payment by 'WMP Coin'.

click the 'Payment' button.

View Merchant QR Code

Step  3

Payment by QR Code

Using the Smart Wallet App, scan QR code.

s-wallet  s-wallet
Click 'Pay Now' from your app.
A payment verification notification will be received from the Smart Merchant App.

Contact Us

Caliber Technology Pte Ltd


Phone: +65 6777 2238

ENQUIRY: enquiry@caliber.com.sg

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